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     You might want to save this page. The casinos on the Mississippi Coast were badly damaged from Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the state has authorized the Casinos on the Coast to build on land, which will dramatically change how some of these properties look. MississippiCasinos.com will be updating the changes as the work gets underway. The images and text below, are what the casinos here were like before Katrina...just for the memories. 

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As many of you know, the Coast's casinos in Mississippi definitely are not "river boats." They are elaborate resorts with large hotels and floating casino buildings engineered to comply with Mississippi's laws that require casinos to be built on water. But they are not movable constructions (or not easily moved).

    As you can see from the samples below, Casinos along the Mississippi Coast in Biloxi are large operations with services and amenities that you would find at any quality casino resort anywhere in the world. The advantage here though, is the beach and access to fabulous deep-sea fishing, historic Mississippi Coast communities, and shopping; and only an
1 hour drive to historic New Orleans.

Casino Magic (foreground) and Isle of Capri (background left) in Biloxi looking southeast. These two casinos, and Grand Casino Biloxi, which is a short distance to the west of this photo, make up "Casino Row" in Biloxi. All three are within easy walking distance. Note the large building on the water's edge in front of the Magic's hotel tower. That is the Magic's casino structure. Like most of the state's casino resorts, it is designed to integrate with the hotel that is on land. That is, when you are inside, you may not notice you have stepped from a building on land to a building on the water. Most of the casinos actually float and rise up and down with the tide. The exception is the Beau Rivage's casino area. The Beau's casino building was designed to be stationary, regardless of tidal action. The engineering to allow the casino areas to move up and down with the tides and river levels are among the unique features of Mississippi's waterfront casinos.

Biloxi's beachfront Highway 90 is also known as Beach Boulevard. This photo was taken from the parking garage at
Beau Rivage Resort & Casino looking east.  In the distance, about a mile from Beau Rivage, is Casino Row. Along Beach Boulevard are fine restaurants, historic homes and boat harbors, plus plenty of additional motels and places to visit. The entrance to Beau Rivage Resort & Casino is lined with stately Mississippi oak and magnolia trees. The trees were transplanted fully-grown from all over South Mississippi.

The historic Biloxi Fishing schooner Glenn Swetman, is shown sailing by Beau Rivage, which towers in the distance. You can make out the Beau's lighthouse that is at the southwest corner of their harbor. It is interesting that the Beau Rivage hotel casts an optical illusion. Each window actually covers two or more floors, making the tower look smaller at a distance. than it actually is.


The Beau Rivage Marina provides protected mooring for visitors who arrive by water.

Boaters can also find mooring at the Point Cadet Marina southeast of the Isle of Capri and near Casino Row. Also near
this location is the Point Cadet Park, operated by the City of Biloxi, and the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center that  is open for tours and features large aquarium displays of local marine life.

 The south side of the Grand Casino Biloxi complex, looking from the Grand's north parking garage. U.S. Highway 90 runs under the enclosed walkway in the lower portion of the photo.

Isle of Capri looking south across U.S. Highway 90 on the Beach in Biloxi

The Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi looking north from the casino's parking garage.

The Imperial Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi. The Imperial Palace hotel tower is among the tallest buildings in Mississippi.

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