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Part Three: MOST COMMON BETS    (Part 1, Part 2)

The most common bets on a Crap table will be Place Bets on the 6 and 8.  The bet is made in increments of 6-dollars on each number on a five-dollar minimum table.  Often players will also make a Pass Line bet and take as much odds as possible behind the Pass Line.  But be conservative with your money if you are learning.

ADDITIONAL RULES: You may take some of your bets off the table and remove them from play while the game is underway. BUT ONLY BEFORE THE DICE ROLLS. Bets you can remove are the ODDS behind your Pass Line bet, and the ODDS on top of your COME BETS on the numbers. You cannot remove a PASS LINE or a COME BET that is on a number at any time. You can remove all of a DON'T PASS bet, or DON'T COME bet.

You can also remove any PLACE bet on a number. You can also call your bets OFF, which will mean your bets cannot win or lose, but again, only before the dice is rolled. If you call a bet OFF, you have to loudly announce that to the dealer and get his confirmation, there is an exception to calling bets off.

 Pass line bets and come bets that are on a number cannot be called off, but you can remove the odds behind the bet on the Pass Line and on the come bets on the numbers. If the dealer fails to hear you, the bet plays.

 If you have questions regarding turning bets off, or removing bets from the table, ask your dealer.

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