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Denise M. wrote:  "Good day! I know I wrote you almost 10 years ago of how much I love your site and have visited hundreds,  if not a thousand times by now,  and wanted to follow up with another HUGE thanks for keeping the site up.  I know yall kept up with the casinos during Katrina, and when they would reopen, and kept us updated since, with the opening of new casinos.  I have never been disappointed or misinformed by any information on your site,  and really appreciate it!!!  Please keep up the great work,  and again thanks!!!  

Linda M., a Kentucky resident wrote: "I really do enjoy your site. It has been a great help to me in planning my weekend getaways."

Debbie B., an Alabama resident wrote: "YOU HAVE A GREAT WEBSITE."

Sheri M., another Alabama resident wrote: "Great Page! Really helped out alot without having to make all those long distance phone calls! We (my husband & I ) go to Tunica quite often ( about 12 times a year) and I found this page extremely helpful! Thanks & Good Luck!"

Steve T., a Florida resident wrote: "Thank you for organizing all the Mississippi information in one site."

Clara M., a North Carolina resident wrote: "So glad I found a site that has all the casinos listed for MS!! Thanks!"

JoAnne L., a Tennessee resident wrote: "This site is a great time and money saver. Keep up the great work!!"

Aurilio A., a Texas resident wrote: "I have found your web page very helpful and plan to visit."

Darlene M., a Wisconsin resident wrote: "Planning a spring trip to your area and love your site. Great detail and everything I needed to know!"

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